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Solange Chivas

545 route des Vendrans 84410 Bedoin - FRANCE Tél. : (+33) 04 90 62 47 82 Port. : 06 28 93 03 07

Renaissance bows & baroque and classical periods

I believe the relatiosnhip between bow and instrument is like a marriage and therefore, whether it concerns a commission or a bow already in existence, I encourage you to pay a visit to my studio with your instrument so that we can determine any particular characteristics you would like your bow to have, or make any adjustments you may desire. If such a meeting is not possible I will send the bow directly to you.


Deposit : to secure your order, a non-refundable deposit of 130 euros is required.
Delivery date : the bow will be ready three months from the time of your order.
Payment conditions : the bow will be sent to you on receipt by me of the balance, plus the cost of postage and packing (20 € in France). It is also possible to pay ‘cash on delivery' by making the payment to me when you receive the goods.
Payment methods : from France, you can pay either by cheque or bank transfer. From aborad, the least expensive ways to pay are by Paypal, or by bank transfer for which there is a fee of 3 € from within the euro zone.
Guarantee : the bow is under guarantee for a year under normal playing conditions. This guarantee does not hold, however, if the bow has been in any way mishandled.
Returns : if you are unhappy with the bow you may return it within a week. (Don’t forget to keep the packing). In this case I can either exchange the bow within a maximum of two months, or reimburse you.