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Solange Chivas

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Renaissance bows & baroque and classical periods

About me


I was born in Nimes in 1967 and in 1991 graduated with a Diploma in Visual Arts from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Avignon.
As a young adult I started to learn the violin and after a few years moved on to the Viola de Gamba.. I discovered my passion for making instruments when, with the help of luthier friends, I built a bass viol from an early music kit.
I was awarded a grant from the Société d'Encouragement aux Métiers d'Arts which allowed me to work for a year with Frédéric Becker, an instrument and bow maker, and a member of GLAAF and ADLADFI . In his workshop I discovered how to maintain, repair, assemble and make instruments, and it was there that I first made a baroque violin and a bow. Shortly afterwards I received a commission for a treble viol, which I then made in my own workshop.
At a congress of luthiers I was lucky enough to meet Nelly Poidevin who was based in Paris at that time. A specialist in baroque and classical bows, Nelly was looking for an apprentice for a range of student instrument models she was making, and for the next six years I worked alongside her as she trained me with infinite patience and humanity.


Since 2002 I have been working independently from my workshop in Provence situated in a village at the foot of the Mont Ventoux. I specialize in baroque and classical bows but I also work as a subcontractor, doing finishing work for Carbow, a company based in Marseille that make carbon fibre bows.
I assisted Nelly Poidevin on an annual bow making course held at Bernard Michaud’s workshop in the region of Franche-Comté, and I maintain a regular presence at fairs such as Musicora in Paris. I work for professionals, amateurs and music schools, mainly in Europe but also all over the world ( Australia, Japan, USA)


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I have their confidence :


- musicians


Sibylle Brix,
Reto Cuonz, Gilone Jacques, Florence Malgoire, Marion Middenway,
Sylvie Moquet, Enrico Parizzi, Alice Pierot, Marie Saint Loubert bié, J-Paul Talvard, Tami Troman, Franscesco Civitareale...


- the schools


Bruxelles, Genève, Lyon, Chalon-sur-Saône, Meylan, Morsang-sur-Orge, Palaiseau, Belford, Mulhouse, Nantes...


- violin makers


François Danger, Hubert Dufour, Pierre Jacquier, Pierre Louis (Switzerland), Carlos Marquez Gonzales (Spain), Alain Meyer, Marc Whilem (Switzerland),…